Finding My Happiness – Your Gifts!

Welcome to our community! Here are you Finding My Happiness Gifts…


1) Secrets to Coloring Like a ProInsider Secrets To Coloring Like a Pro – Report – PDF

2) Complimentary Membership to our VIP Collective – Regular coloring pages and puzzles, delivered on us, directly to your inbox! You’re in, so welcome aboard!

3) Finding My Happiness Interview with Rebecca on how and why this poetic coloring book came to be in your hands, and why I consider it important!

4) I want to gift you an additional bonus, too. Meditation has been shown to help some people with depression and anxiety, so I’m gifting you a copy of my favorite 10-minute audio. Why did I ask for this length when I was having it created? So you can easily implement it daily. Access it here now.

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To epiphanies, experiences & emotions,

Rebecca May Smith