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The (Most) Creative 'How To' Guide to Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is such an incredible hobby and therapy and we can’t wait to share our unique take on this infatuating pastime.

So, are you ready to skip the mundane and harness your creative power to free the exotic colorist within?

In this unique coloring guide, you’ll discover how to:

* Turn old eye shadow into spectacular coloring sheet style
* Turn used bubble wrap and conventional Q-tips into transcendental tools of the coloring trade
* Use faster techniques and easy painting methods (for the less than patient colorist!)
* Perfect your techniques, using different strokes and creative rubbings. Learn your hatch from your cross hatch, your filling from your scumbling, and more
* Shortcut your search for the perfect palette (some of these may surprise you!)
* Convert your completed coloring into wearable, funky jewelry
* Incorporate new technique for unique results

We’ve included 16 gorgeous practice pages, so go on, let your spirits relax and fill in those color free spaces with your new skills!


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