Rebecca May Smith

Henrietta Dreams of Soaring…

Henrietta dreamed of flapping and soaring in the big blue sky
And pirouetting cartwheels through wild meadows, low and high

To share her love of rhythm; a playful shimmy with a twist
But her neighbours didn’t care much for her prance and pumping fist

So she practiced in her small pen with her daily scheduled play
… then one day flung herself so well, she was up, up, up and away!

… Henrietta is starting to strut her stuff and come flapping off the page. Since she accidentally escaped over the fence of her farm, with her whirling and twirling and dance practicing joy, she landed on top of a sweet and friendly round… (ah, I cannot yet reveal her new friend yet, that would be telling).

But following her untimed release, she finds herself scared…

Our chattery chook finally closed her beak to take a peek around
Suddenly spooked by the lack of fences and barbed wire, tightly wound

She’s never seen the outside of her farm, with the cows and other boring chickens.

So, what will she discover? Will she be brave enough to explore? And what will the outcome of her story be?

Now, my friend, that is for another post! Stay tuned…

Rebecca May Smith

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