Chris Poetry

As Twilight Ascends

As twilight ascends,

It wraps me up warmer than my blanket

And sings me lullabies:

Sweet notes dripping nectar through my window.

I grab my pen

And each stroke feels like the Big Bang:

Like I could create this moment

In a second none of us were aware of.

Life, existence,

Disappear in the intersection

Of the late night and the early morning,

Nature’s point of equilibrium,

Where everything hangs in the balance

In such a way

That it’s the best place to put up a hammock.

Have you ever felt this?

The allure of the night sky?

The power of a pen stroking stardust?

I have.

And I can tell you,

When that twilight ascends,

It will wrap you up warmer than any blanket

And sing you the sweetest songs.

Always pondering,


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