Rebecca May Smith

A Life Long Love of Words!

I’ve always had a love of words. The journey authors craft through whimsy or writers through engaging words, poets through perfect prose and journalists by facts bound into emotional storytelling. My adventure in this field begun with my Mum reading to me as a child. The Wizard of Oz (in comic layout) was my ‘can you read it again’ favourite!

Years later my mind turned toward a more… academic bent.

Gray’s Anatomy (the book, not the show). Atlas & Textbook of Human Anatomy. Human Physiology. Neuroscience. The Essentials of Skeletal Radiology. Systemic Pathology.

I poured over copious editions, pages, reports and research. Everything related to the inner workings of the body. After (too long to admit spent) studying, my thirst for knowledge became all things health and wellbeing. And while reading served me well in this area, there is a marked difference between learning facts and the joy of abstract imagination and escape just for the fun of it!

Then fate stepped in.

My career halted through injury and for the first time in decades, I had this wonderful phenomenon… time!

My compassionately encouraging (aka nagging :)) husband has always loved reading for escape, pleasure and stories. It is impossible for him to not read before his slumber. And after some time, I took his therapeutic advice.

See I’d written books and many articles; all in a fact based field.

I’d written poetry over the years, but not had – or maybe more accurately, made – the time to fully connect with my inner mind…

Until one night I woke at 3am with an immovable line of verse in my mind; calling, imploring to mature into a fully fledged story. Since then, I’ve been haemorrhaging verse, unable to do other than obey my imagination.

And I am joyful and full of gratitude that this other realm has engulfed my life!

Ahhhh… the discovery, solace and connection crafted from a pen nib or the therapeutic tap dance of the laptop keys.

Anyway, I’m so happy to meet you! I can’t wait to get to know each other better and share this creative adventure together!

To epiphanies, emotions and experiences,

Rebecca May Smith

Rebecca May Smith.

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