Rebecca May Smith

Henrietta Dreams of Soaring…

Henrietta dreamed of flapping and soaring in the big blue sky
And pirouetting cartwheels through wild meadows, low and high

To share her love of rhythm; a playful shimmy with a twist
But her neighbours didn’t care much for her prance and pumping fist

So she practiced in her small pen with her daily scheduled play
… then one day flung herself so well, she was up, up, up and away!

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Chris Poetry

As Twilight Ascends

As twilight ascends,

It wraps me up warmer than my blanket

And sings me lullabies:

Sweet notes dripping nectar through my window.

I grab my pen

And each stroke feels like the Big Bang:

Like I could create this moment

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Amelia Vandergast Poetry

My dear younger self

This is a letter, written to my younger self that was so wrapped up in intrepid dismay from day to day, trapped in scrutiny of my own reflection. There were time’s when I would rather hide away from the world than embrace it. I want an end to wasted youth. I want the world to embrace the revelry that I have found in later life.

Dear Younger Self,

I’m writing to you as I creak towards 40, to let you know that one day, you’ll be kind to yourself.

You’ll be able to look upon your reflection, without an ounce of negative apprehension. Even if that sounds as though it will come a thousand years from now. It will happen I promise.

You’ll be kind to yourself, and wish for nothing but good health.

Vanity is a good distraction from the beauty that exists in the world. The beauty of seeing the ones you love smile. The beauty of the sun as it sets while you sit by the side of the man you love as you recount all of the triumphs that you have seen in the name of love.


Even if it seems a millennia away, you’re going to find your purpose. You can’t see it yet, but you’re life is going to transform in ways you can’t imagine. So keep your mind open, and your eyes off the weighing scales.


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Rebecca May Smith

A Life Long Love of Words!

I’ve always had a love of words. The journey authors craft through whimsy or writers through engaging words, poets through perfect prose and journalists by facts bound into emotional storytelling. My adventure in this field begun with my Mum reading to me as a child. The Wizard of Oz (in comic layout) was my ‘can you read it again’ favourite!

Years later my mind turned toward a more… academic bent.

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